Friday, May 01, 2009

There He Goes Again, Armstrong Torches Lopez and KEYT

Boy, Travis Armstrong sure tried to do a number on KEYT in his News-Press column yesterday.

He referred to Channel 3 as "Santa Barbara's beleaguered ABC affiliate."

Considering the fact that the News-Press is and has been involved in a number of lawsuits, has laid of numerous employees, is facing even more charges of violating the National Labor Relations Act, and just saw its circulation drop by another 10 percent as compared to a year ago, I'd say that there's no media outlet in these parts that's more "beleaguered" than the News-Press.

The only thing Armstrong mentions in this column that's new since he last bashed KEYT in January is the hiring of Coleen Sullivan who he speculates will be the replacement for Paula Lopez.

Of course the only way he would know that Sullivan is at KEYT is if he watches Channel 3 or reads this blog. He certainly didn't read it in the News-Press. A quick search of the website reveals that the paper never previously reported the fact that Sullivan was hired by the station.

Armstrong refers to KEYT's senior reporter John Palminteri as "cheesy." (I guess that's what Armstrong calls somebody who can hand out an award at an event and not get arrested for drunk driving a few hours later.)

But the worst of his hatchet job is reserved for Lopez.

He reports that Lopez "may be heading for the door." (I have heard that her contract is up for renewal this year as are those of anchors CJ Ward and Beth Farnsworth.)

He chastises Lopez for failing to disclose the fact that she is married to Superior Court Judge Frank Ochoa whenever she reports on one of his rulings. (So big deal. Is it really necessary for her to say, "by the way I'm married to this guy," whenever she reads his name off the teleprompter?)

And of course he brings up her role in that infamous, in-house, KEYT holiday video.

Well, unlike the News-Press, at least people still have fun at the KEYT Christmas party.

By my count, this is the fifth time in the last 12 months that Armstrong has used his column to go after KEYT.

What's the motive for this? Jealousy? More people visit KEYT's website than

Is it because KEYT seems to have a lot more goodwill in the community than the News-Press?

Maybe that's attributable to the fact that KEYT never goes out of their way to pick a fight.

Armstrong claims that KEYT is "an unhappy place these days."

Well, I can think of at least one place in town where the employees are less happy.
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