Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The DA's office has released the names of the 10 individuals who will not be charged with starting the Tea Fire.

I must say, I don't recognize any of the names. Do you?

Apparently, a number of those named have pictures posted on Facebook.

And interesting story on Noozhawk, who published the names first, on how they got them.

* * *

KEYT's newest reporter made her debut on the station's 6 pm newscast Tuesday night doing a story on the Sosa murder trial.

Since TV stations never seem to introduce new reporters to their viewers, allow me to do the honors.

Her name is Coleen Sullivan (yes, one "L" in her first name). She most recently worked in Dayton, Ohio but she's been out of TV news for a full two years. The reason she left her last job was to spend time with Earl Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana.

Earl Spencer and KEYT's Coleen Sullivan.

According to reports on the Internet, that relationship ended last June. So Britain's loss is Santa Barbara's gain.

Prior to working in Dayton, Sullivan served time in Palm Springs and broke into TV news at a station in Eureka.

My prediction: it won't be long before management at KEYT finds a chair for Sullivan behind the anchor desk.

* * *

Citizen McCaw will start airing on the Santa Barbara Channels on March 1.

Exact times it will be shown are still to be determined but it will go into the heavy rotation on Channel 21.

Evidently, in an attempt to include the point of view of Santa Barbara News-Press management, Santa Barbara Channels invited the News-Press to participate in a discussion of the film. The News-Press accepted and sent attorney Barry Cappello to participate in a discussion with Sam Tyler, one of the producers of the film, that was taped last week. The moderator of the discussion was former SBCC president Peter MacDougall.

Each time the film airs, it will be followed by a showing of the taped discussion.

Doesn't Cappello charge News-Press owner Wendy McCaw somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 to $700 an hour for his time?

So much for nobody making any money off of Citizen McCaw.
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