Friday, May 01, 2009

News-Press Marks Anniversary of Lay-Offs With More Lay-Offs

On the one year anniversary of the "May Day Massacre" when the Santa Barbara News-Press laid off a dozen employees, the paper, on this May 1st, is once again letting people go.

I've learned that at least one employee who works in the credit or collections department, has been informed that she no longer has a job there.

It is expected that more layoffs will take place before the day is over.

The News-Press also announced that effective today, it is raising the price of a subscription to $16 for four weeks.

Stay tuned.

10:42 am update. Here are the names of the four people who were let go this morning:

Loretta Dominguez. Long-time employee in the credit department.

Julie (last name unknown.) Loretta's assistant.

Don Hale, a News-Press employee for something like 50 years. He worked in the back-shop doing set-up for ads.

At least one other male employee (name unknown) who had worked at the paper a relatively short time.

No newsroom employees are believed to have been laid off.

11:30 am update. One more name; Josie Miller in systems. She had been there around 35 years. She departed the company with "full honors." Angel of Death and security guard escort out of the building.

11:45 am update. This next name raises the number to six who have been laid off this morning, Judith Donlon, a graphic artist who worked in the "Creative Services Department" for the last four years. She was one of only two employees left in that department.

12:25 pm The final number is 15.
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