Friday, December 09, 2011

Maybe Those New Dodger Uniforms Will Be Miramar Blue?

Well, it looks like Rick Caruso may very well own a piece of the Dodgers and be the next mayor of Los Angeles before the Miramar Hotel ever gets torn down and rebuilt.

In recent weeks the shopping mall developer’s name has appeared in news articles reporting that he will be joining forces with former Dodger manager Joe Torre to make a bid for the baseball team.

Newspapers are also reporting that he’s contemplating making a run for mayor. That’s all well and good but what about that other little project he started a few years back? Doesn’t Caruso have enough on his plate in rebuilding Montecito’s beloved Miramar? After all, he sure paid enough for it.

Do you know where a sailor takes his fun? Wherever he can find it! It looks like megabucks developers are the same way when it comes to opportunities, whether they are political or business. But Rick, could you finish the Miramar before you tackle any new projects? (Continue reading)