Friday, November 25, 2011

Newt Gingrich is the worst of the 1 percent

By the time you read this it will be after Thanksgiving. But it you were like me and happened to be watching the news coverage of the Republican Presidential primary candidates earlier in the week, your overstuffed turkey was delivered a few days prematurely. The turkey is Newt Gingrich and I'm talking about his message to the people who are taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying to them, "Go get a job right after you take a bath."

Go get a job? That’s easy for him to say. But not all of us can land one of those lucrative gigs being a "consultant" for Freddie Mac, which by all accounts brings in a lot of money for a little bit of work.

The arrogance of Gingrich is nothing short of astounding. Last weekend he told an audience at an Iowa family values forum that, "All the Occupy movement starts with the premise that we owe them everything. They take over a public park they didn't pay for, to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn't pay for, to beg for food from places they don't want to pay for, to obstruct those who are going to work to pay the taxes to sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park, so they can self-righteously explain they are the paragons of virtue to which we owe everything."

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