Friday, November 05, 2010

List of Council Contenders Continues to Grow

Former City Council member from many, many, many moons ago, Gerry De Witt, was on the air with AM 1290's "Baron" Ron Herron this morning. De Witt, told "The Baron" that he too will be throwing his hat into the ring to fill the current vacancy on the council.

This was according to one of my readers who was listening to the Friday morning show on News-Press Radio.

The list of names that are rumored to be interested in the office is getting longer and longer. So long it might be quicker to tell you who's not interested. But nah, I won't do that to you.

Here are the names that I've heard so far; Beebe Longstreet, Dianne Channing, Loretta Redd, Michael Jordan, former mayor and Council member Sheila Lodge, Catherine McCammon and John Jostes. These are in addition to David Pritchett and John Thyne who have personally confirmed to me their intention to seek the appointment.

Channing, Redd and McCammon have previously made unsuccessful runs to get onto the Council.

Despite the lengthy list, at least one current council member doesn't sound too sanguine about the ability of the council to agree on whom to appoint to the vacancy. Dale Francisco was quoted in the News-Press this morning as saying: ""Who can we find? I'm not saying it's impossible, but who can we find that at least four people can agree on?"

At least there should be no shortage of choices.
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