Friday, November 19, 2010

Add Casebeer's Name to Council Hopeful Scorecard

Long-time Santa Barbara realtor Chris Casebeer is the latest local to join the party and add his name to the list of applicants who will be seeking to fill the vacancy on the Santa Barbara City Council that was created by Das Williams' election to the State Assembly.

Casebeer told me this on Friday morning as he was about to head down to City Hall to file his application with the clerk's office.

(He's likely to encounter a long line down there. This morning under "Tomorrow's news today," the website is reporting that community activist Audrey Addison Williams will also be applying for the Council.)

Asked why he wants to be on the council, Casebeer had this to say:
I've spent 46 years in Santa Barbara and this town has been very good to me. I've established a wonderful business that has fed my family and kept me busy and at this stage of my life I want to give back. I believe that I can do some good. Over the years I've developed some skills in working with boards and organizations and I feel that I can bring people together.

Of course Casebeer has been giving back to the community for a long time having served on the board of Domestic Violence Solutions and being active with the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table (he is a past president) and the Victoria Theater. He currently serves on the City's Parks and Recreation Commission.

Asked what he feels the issues are that are facing the City in the immediate and near future he said his concerns are about the economy, gang activity and opportunities for youth. He added: "There's been a streak of negativity that I don't think the city deserves on the things that don't work. There's a lot of things that do work."

Casebeer feels that his marriage to a Latina woman, Teriana Berriz Valle, who hails from Cuba, gives him a unique perspective. As an example, he pointed to his work on the Lower Westside Advisory Counci where his eyes were opened to some of the unique problems in that area.

On gang problems he said he wants to bring both sides (east side and west side) together "to humanize these guys rather than to demonize them."

Casebeer, who was as a volleyball player at UCSB and believes in teamwork, says we're only as good as the weakest link on the team and believes in bringing people up.

"I have energy, I have enthusiasm, I have a track record in this community and I'm willing to put this on the line for the City."

"I'm not a politician I'm a Joe Average guy trying to do some good out there. I'm not looking for higher office I just want to do some good for our community."

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