Monday, March 30, 2009

These Toned Arms Are Causing Quite A Flap

Today I feel compelled to venture off my usual beat to comment on an issue of national, perhaps even international, importance. The arms race. Specifically, Michelle Obama's arms.

First it was the stuffed shirts of the recently departed Bush administration who were complaining about the newly elected president shedding his jacket and working in his shirt sleeves while in the oval office. Now some fashionistas are flipping out over Michelle wearing no sleeves.

With the President showing up lately on 60 Minutes, Leno and ESPN, he was starting to draw criticism for permitting himself to become overexposed. Turns out the only thing that's overexposed are his wife's arms.

Maybe it's just because I live in Santa Barbara where the sight of a woman baring (or perhaps I should say bearing?) toned arms is not at all uncommon, but I do have to wonder, what's all the flap about?

Or maybe that's the problem. When it comes to Michelle's arms, there is no flap.

The Image section of yesterday's LA Times
ran an article on the First Lady and her well-toned arms
. Seems there is a significant number of people who think that Michelle is being a little too brazen with her brazos.

I'm surprised that it's caused such an uproar. It's not as if she's running around the west wing in a tight-fitting tank top that advertises, "two tickets to the gun show!"

If you believe what you read in the LA Times article, some people think that a woman exposing her arms is somehow, unladylike. I guess they can't deal with her delts.

I say "if you've got it flaunt it." And in a day and age when so many people who don't have it aren't deterred from flaunting it anyway, why pick on Michelle?

If the First Lady was running around in one of those little cropped-top t-shirts exposing a muffin top, I could understand the uproar. But a little bit of bare skin on the upper arm is hardly cause for complaint.

And it does look like Michelle has been hitting the gym regularly and doing her bicep curls.

And you thought George Bush took all of the dumbbells with him when he moved out of the White House.
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