Friday, March 27, 2009

When It Comes to Number Two, This Blog is Number One

If you're reading this post as you're having your morning coffee or breakfast, you might want to stop right here and check back with me later. Today I'm going to talk about a blog that covers one of the filthiest topics in town. Restrooms. Restaurant restrooms.

The blog is titled "Mr. PottyMouth," and no, it's not authored by Bill Maher. In fact, I don't know who writes it, as the author evidently prefers to remain anonymous rather than to come out of the water closet.

What John Dickson's Santa Barbara Restaurant Guide is to local eateries, Mr. PottyMouth is to local lavatories. In other words, it's news you can use.

This guy's a pro and knows what to look for. He leaves no seat lid unlifted and no toilet unflushed. He scours the floors with his eyes because employees won't do it with the mop. Mold and mildew on the tile, Mr. Potty Mouth points it out. He notices if there's grease on the handle of the restroom door. He even knows what a "urinal mint" is. (Well, like I said at the beginning, you were warned.) And he has a favorite fragrance for those mints, peppermint.

I'd say it's quite a public service he's performing. He obsesses over sanitation so the rest of us can do our business in confidence.

The Mr. PottyMouth blog is only a month couple of weeks old, its first post went up March 13. So far he's written up three restaurants; The Enterprise Fish Company, Farmer Boy and Downtown Brewing Company. I won't reveal what he uncovered, you'll have to surf on over there yourself if you care to find out.

The only thing I can fault Mr. PottyMouth for is his spelling which, he admits, could use some remediation. Perhaps it's time someone introduced Mr. PottyMouth to Mr. Spell Checker.
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