Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What A Fool Believes

It's April 1st! The following stories can be found today on local blogs and news sites.

Oprah to run for mayor!

Brophy Bros. to become an In-N-Out Burger. Going Subscription Only

And check out the front page of today's Daily Nexus!

And by the way, starting next week, I'll be writing a column for the Santa Barbara News-Press.

Well, you heard it here first, not!

* * *

The News-Press website,, quietly got a makeover sometime Tuesday.

The result is a much cleaner, less gaudy and less cluttered looking site.

It's still locked down though, with the content behind a "paywall" and available only to those who have a subscription to the physical paper.

* * *

If 9,000 people showed up to attend a sporting event in town, you'd think it would make the paper. Well it didn't. At least not the News-Press. The paper did not cover last Sunday's match at UCSB's Harder Stadium between Atlético Morelia and Club América, two professional soccer teams from Mexico.

To soccer fanatics it was the equivalent of the Yankees coming to town to play the Red Sox. But despite being a sponsor of the match, the News-Press didn't see fit to mention it on either its sports pages or in the local news section.

It wasn't as though all the available News-Press people were covering the 71st Annual Easter Relays at SBCC's La Playa Stadium. The News-Press didn't send a reporter there either. It is one of the oldest track meets in Southern California with something like 1,000 high school athletes from all over the state participating. And of course, nearly every high school in the county participates. It certainly should have merited more than the photo accompanied by a paragraph that it got in Sunday's paper.

* * *

If President Obama can force the CEO of General Motors to resign, maybe he can do something about Wendy McCaw at the News-Press?
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