Monday, November 10, 2008

The Monday See-Saw

The lead in the race between Santa Barbara's Hannah-Beth Jackson and Moorpark's Tony Strickland to represent the 19th State Senate District has gone back and forth since election day.

Jackson initially led by 108 votes, Strickland took an 840-vote lead Thursday after Ventura County released additional results, and now Jackson is back on top with a 255-vote lead.

Jerry Roberts reports on the race in the Independent and the Ventura County Star has a story as well.

* * *

On Thursday, 44 employees of the Star learned that their jobs were being cut. 17 of them are from the paper's newsroom.

* * *

With the outcome of the Jackson/Strickland race still up in the air, Travis Armstrong used his op-ed page column of Saturday to try to connect the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce to a rogue political action committee.

* * *

Among the first to see more money roll in as the result of the election of Barack Obama: newspapers, who saw their sales soar on the day after the election.

* * *

Best post-election story I've read: the one about Eugene Allen, who for 34 years was the White House butler.

Sadly, his wife of 65 years died last Monday, the day before the election.