Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For One Day, These "Enemies" Were Front and Center

One of my regular readers wrote in with this question about the front page pictures that appeared in Monday's edition of the News-Press:

Inquiring minds want to know if anybody in the News-Press newsroom was aware that the central figure in their big photo of (the) Kristallnacht march on page one today (identified in caption as "people" marching) was Susan Rose, who (a) was arguably the first person on the Enemies List, clashing publicly with Travis Armstrong months before the meltdown; (b) sharply criticized the paper in Citizen McCaw; and (c) hosted a $150k fundraiser for Jerry Roberts legal defense. Will heads roll? Will the guilty party also have to answer for smaller photo of Da Mayor at (the) bottom of page 1?

Somebody must not have gotten the memo that former county supervisor Rose and the mayor are persona non grata at the News-Press. Or, then again, maybe they did.

* * *

More on those layoffs at the Ventura County Star; Former News-Press reporter Scott Hadly was one of those spared from the falling axe. Not so fortunate was former News-Press City Editor Jane Hulse, who had been working part-time at the Star copy desk. She was among those laid off. Also among the casualties, the paper's editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg, and at least two photographers.

* * *

If you're wondering what happened to the TV Week insert that appeared in the News-Press on Sundays, it's gone. Last Sunday, November 2, was its final appearance. A new TV listings section now appears on Fridays in the Scene magazine section of the paper. In advising readers of the change a week ago Sunday, the News-Press promised that the news TV listings would be "improved" and "expanded."

I haven't seen the new TV listings yet. If anyone out there has, let me know.

* * *

Tony Strickland has taken the lead again over Hannah-Beth Jackson.