Monday, March 24, 2008

Word of "Citizen McCaw" Travels Across the Pond

Describing it as "the mouse that roared of newspaper dust-ups" Great Britain's Guardian has an item in today's edition that covers the premiere of Citizen McCaw.

So it's official. A foreign newspaper has reported on "Citizen McCaw" before the News-Press has.

Perhaps we should welcome The Guardian to "The Cabal."

* * *

An inquiring News-Press has sent James Kyriaco Jr., administrative assistant to Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf, packing. Kyriaco resigned Friday.

Apparently the newspaper was trying to dig up information about three alcohol-related criminal cases of his that dated back a few years. Those inquires were apparently enough to prompt Kyriaco to offer his resignation to Wolf, which she accepted.

I e-mailed Kyriaco Sunday evening to see if he would be willing to elaborate on what had transpired. He responded saying; "At this time I feel it is best to fall back on my response to the News Press, which was printed in full."

I hate to see witch hunts succeed. Chiropractors will be standing by in De la Guerra Plaza just in case Travis Armstrong and Wendy McCaw throw their vertebras out of whack while patting themselves on the back.

* * *

Over at Blogabarbara this past weekend, there's a post about whether Armstrong, was soliciting letters to the editor from members of the Coalition of Sensible Planning to publish in the News-Press.

The Coalition was unhappy with Wolf's recent vote on the building moratorium in eastern Goleta. As I wrote last week, Armstrong was excoriating Wolf on that vote, in both his op-ed column and an editorial, calling her a "sell out."

The gist of the e-mail, which is printed in full at Blogabarbara, is that Armstrong was disappointed that Coalition members weren't showing him a little more love for his efforts in that regard.

* * *

They can't keep it on the door. Someone stole the plaque for Room 871 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, which was said to have been the site of a tryst between former "Luv Gov" Eliot Spitzer and a high-priced call girl.

Hotel room? $470 a night.

Hooker? $4300 a night.

Number plaque on the door of the room where it all happened? Check Ebay!