Friday, March 21, 2008

Breaking News; Tomorrow's Rant Today!

Opinions are busting out all over at the News-Press. Starting a little after 12 noon yesterday, readers started e-mailing to alert me to "breaking news" that appeared on the website. Check out the shaded box at the top of the page in the screen shot below.

"We interrupt this newspaper's website to bring you a Travis Armstrong rant."

And if that "breaking opinion" was an attempt to influence the Planning Commission's vote which took place yesterday afternoon, it failed. According to Noozhawk, the Coast Village Condo project got the green light from the commissioners.

* * *

News-Press vs. Paterno, finally had its day in court yesterday before a three judge panel of the state court of appeal in Santa Ana. Lawyers Charles Tobin, who represents Paterno, and Stanton Stein, who represents Wendy McCaw's News-Press, had a half hour between them to argue whether the News-Press' libel suit against Paterno should be allowed to go forward. Expect a written decision from the court in a month or so.

* * *

According to records from the federal court in Los Angeles, settlement discussions are taking place between the News-Press and the Independent in the former's copyright violation suit against the latter.

The parties have been ordered to inform the court no later than April 1 as to whether they have reached a settlement of the case.

If you're expecting a report of a settlement to show up as a breaking news item on the News-Press website, I wouldn't hold my breath.