Monday, March 24, 2008

Judge Listens to Arguments, Says, I'll Let You Know

The twice postponed hearing on whether eight fired News-Press reporters are entitled to be reinstated immediately, finally took place in federal court in Los Angeles this afternoon.

Judge Steven Wilson heard over an hour-and-a-half of argument from attorneys representing the NLRB, which is seeking the reinstatement order and the News-Press, which is resisting it.

The judge had many questions, including inquiring about how reinstatement might impinge on owner and co-publisher Wendy McCaw's right of free speech, according to Dawn Hobbs, one of the fired reporters, who attended this afternoon's hearing.

The free speech argument is one advanced by the paper's attorneys.

After listening to all sides the judge took the case under submission, meaning he will think about the arguments and issue a written decision at a later time. How soon that will be is unknown.

I'll have a more complete report later on.