Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Room for Daddy!

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get another word in edgewise around here. I figured there would come a day when I would be replaced by someone younger, smarter and better looking than I am. Little did I know that someone would be my daughter. Last week she wrote five posts. Some kids aspire to occupy Wall Street. My kid aspires to occupy Dad's blog. Anyway, I told her to take today off. Dad isn't quite finished blogging. Yet.

* * *

Well, did you watch the Academy Awards last night? I've watched about every Oscar telecast going back to the days when I was a little kid. The show last night was probably my least favorite. I didn't think the host, Seth MacFarlane, was that funny. The producers of the Oscars are reportedly worried that the TV audience for the show is too old. So their idea of appealing to younger viewers is to bring in Shirley Bassey to sing "Goldfinger?" That song's has been around almost as long as I have.

I'd say the liveliest part of the show was the "In Memoriam" tribute to Academy members who had passed away in the last year. That's how bad the whole thing was.

When Quentin Tarantino accepted his Oscar for best screenplay he looked like he had already been to the Governor's Ball and every one of the other Oscars after-parties.

And if you had asked me who would trip and fall as they approached the stage at the Dolby Theater, my money would have been on Kristen Stewart, not Jennifer Lawrence.

* * *

There was a story over the weekend about a father who allegedly left his two-year-old daughter sitting in a truck while he went inside a strip club to drink. Isn't saying you went to a strip club to have a drink a little like saying you read Playboy for the interviews?

The kid will be back tomorrow.