Friday, April 29, 2011

It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding (and a Few Other Things)

I never thought I'd begin a blog post by apologizing to Billy Idol, but I stole his lyrics for the headline to today's piece.

I always thought that getting married on a weekday was something that only "the little people" did. You know, the couples who had to elope or were just having a simple small civil ceremony down at the courthouse.

So what's up with William and Kate, the future King and Queen of England getting married on a Friday? Can somebody tell me what that is all about? Was the church already booked this weekend?

Actually, I really don't care too much about the Royal Wedding. And polls show that 50 percent of the public doesn't care. Of course the 50 percent that doesn't care is all men, meaning that all of my women readers are probably reading this on Friday afternoon because you stayed up all night watching the big wedding.

Montecito Journal columnist and long-time Royal watcher, Richard Mineards, is doing wedding commentary for NBC4 LA. You can catch him on the 6am, noon and 5pm newscasts today, Friday.

And by the way, that is my own photo of Westminster Abbey taken on March 10, 2010. Yes, I've traveled the world to gather content for this blog.

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Coleen Sullivan, the news reporter who left KEYT on maternity leave and never returned, is now a news anchor for the CBS affiliate in Sacramento. That means she has joined Edie Lambert, Kevin Riggs and Rosemary Orozco as news reporters who worked in the Santa Barbara market and have now landed in Sacramento.

And here's another one for your Gaucho-alumni-working-in-the broadcast-media file. Jaime Maggio, who has been reporting for TNT Sports as part of their NBA playoffs coverage and who also is a sports anchor at KCAL 9 in L.A., is a 2000 graduate of UCSB.

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Finally, my Wednesday post about the homeless and transients in downtown Santa Barbara appears as a "guest editorial" in the current edition of Casa Magazine which is out on local newsstands today.
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