Monday, February 28, 2011

Weighing In On The Oscars

Last night for the first time in several years, I watched the Oscars from the comfort of my living room couch. Laugh at me if you must, but I'm a big fan of the Oscar telecast. Even when it's bad it's good and I didn't think last night's telecast was as good as some in recent years.

Natalie Portman on the red carpet at last night's Oscars.

Not that I'll ever complain about having to look at Anne Hathaway for three hours but they really need to bring back a comedian as the MC. The attempts at comedy just plain flopped. And if there was ever any doubt, the one thing you don't ever want to see on stage at the Oscars is a guy in a dress, as co-host James Franco was.

Yes, I'm old enough to remember when Bob Hope used to be the host year in and year out. I thought it was sacrilege when they finally replaced him with Johnny Carson, if I recall.

My moviegoing in the last few months paid off. I ended up going nine for 11 in my Oscar predictions. Turns out I don't know anything about animated movies or foreign language films, the two categories in which I guessed wrong. In case you missed the show, here's a complete list of the winners.

When Melissa Leo dropped that F bomb during her acceptance speech for best supporting actress it made me wonder if she wasn't acting in "The Fighter."

I guess the kids in the chorus from PS 22 sure got an earful!

Of course, if they've seen "The King's Speech" they've heard the word repeated a number of times.

And was that the first F bomb ever dropped during the history of the Oscars telecast?

The Academy has a strict two-ticket limit for the show. Montecito's Jeff Bridges, a best actor nominee, had a posse of at least five including his wife Susan and three daughters. Rumor is they got the tickets that weren't being used by the Toy Story 3 cast.

With "The Social Network" winning three Oscars can a movie about Twitter be far behind?

This just in, the Governor of Wisconsin wants to take away the collective bargaining rights of all of last night's winners.

That accountant guy who they showed with the briefcase handcuffed to his right wrist just before they went to a commercial break: I hope he didn't have to go to the bathroom during the telecast and if he did I hope he's left-handed.

Biggest winner on Oscar night wasn't "The Kings Speech" but rather were the guys in the limo rental business and the company that makes Spanx.

I'm more convinced then ever: I want to be Colin Firth when I grow up!
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