Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Geoffrey Rush Is An Actor, Not A Celebrity

He's not blessed with the classic movie star looks of Colin Firth, but Geoffrey Rush sure can act!

Geoffrey Rush

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara / www.MagicalLightPhotography.com

That much was evident after watching the film clips from a cross-section of his work during the tribute to him at the Arlington on Monday night where he received the Santa Barbara Film Fest's Montecito award.

Seeing The King's Speech immediately before the tribute presentation to Rush, who was accompanied by his co-stars, Firth and Helena Bonham Carter and the film's director Tom Hooper, is certainly a good way to "plus" the movie watching experience.

Colin Firth presenting the Montecito Award to Geoffrey Rush

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara / www.MagicalLightPhotography.com

I have now seen six of the ten films that are up for the best picture Oscar this year. That's an all-time high for me. Of the six that I've seen, here is how I would rank them: 1. The King's Speech, 2. True Grit, 3. 127 Hours, 4. The Kids Are Alright, 5. The Social Network, 6. Black Swan.

Leonardo DiCaprio may be the heartthrob and Seth Rogan may be the class cut-up, but the consensus among Film Fest attendees who saw them both this week seems to be that Rogan, by far, was the better and more entertaining award presenter.

A thousand screaming teenage girls are saying, "so what?"

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