Monday, January 31, 2011

Leo DiCaprio Causes Teen Scene Outside Arlington

Chuck Cagara, who has so graciously donated his photographic talents to my blog for the last three Film Fests sent the following message along with his nightly feed of photos: "Craig, while you were at the Lobero Sunday night, (see below) I was elbowing squealing adolescent girls who were anxious to get a look at their heart throb, Leonardo Di Caprio who presented the "Modern Master Award" to Christopher Nolan."

Chuck, if one of us has to elbow screaming adolescent girls, better you than me.

Leonardo DiCaprio on stage at the Arlington last night.

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara /

A star struck fan can't believe his good fortune while waiting for DiCaprio to emerge from the stage door at the Arlington.

Photo Credit: Chuck Cagara /

With heartthrob DiCaprio showing up at the Arlington on Sunday night you'd think that attendance at the other screenings that were going on at that same time would suffer. That certainly wasn't the case at the Lobero, where I was part of a nearly packed house to see the world premiere of Bringing King to China, the story of how Santa Barbaran Caitrin McKiernan tries to educate the Chinese about Martin Luther King, Jr's legacy of non-violence.

Having been to China myself and knowing the fascination the Chinese have with American fast food, I'd say McKienan would have had a much easier task if the "King" she was trying to bring to China was Burger King.

Bringing King to China will be shown again at the Film Festival on Wednesday at 4pm at the Santa Barbara Art Museum.

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