Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For One Guy, This Speech Was A Real Sleeper

When the President entered the chamber of the House of Representatives a few minutes past 6 pm last night to deliver his State of the Union address, the Santa Barbara City Council, which had convened at 2 in the afternoon, was still going strong considering an energy efficiency ordinance.

What is the local political junkie without a TiVo machine to do? Watch the President or the City Council? I switched over to watch the President.

At the council meeting it was bulb outs that were on the agenda. At the State of the Union it was lights out, at least for Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, who the TV cameras focused in on as he appeared to be sleeping during Obama's speech.

Of all the people to catch sleeping, it would have to be the Secretary of Energy. It was enough to make me scream at the TV, "Get this guy a can of Red Bull!"

Given Chu's cat napping, you would have thought it was the Constitution that was being read aloud in the House chamber.

Reportedly when someone woke Chu up and asked him what he thought the President said, Chu's reply was, "I had a dream."

Showing a lot more life than Chu was our own representative in Congress, Lois Capps. As the President entered the chamber and made his way to the podium, Capps, could be seen applauding, blowing kisses with both hands to the President and then finally reaching over and shaking his hand. She certainly looked thrilled and excited after she actually made contact with Obama. Maybe she's the one who drank all of the Red Bull in the room?

Isn't it interesting how the Justices of the Supreme Court who attend the State of the Union speech never applaud once the speech itself gets underway? I guess the thought is it would destroy the perception of them being non-partisan. These guys would make good sportswriters where the custom is no cheering in the press box.

Was it just me or did anyone else think that Speaker of the House John Boehner was about to burst into tears at any moment while watching the President deliver his speech?

With Boehner as Speaker perhaps they ought to move a few desks and create a "kiss and cry" area in the chamber?

And while they're at it maybe they should create a slumber room for visiting members of the President's Cabinet.
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