Tuesday, December 07, 2010

City Council Interview Show, Will I Stay Or Will I Go?

After much back and forth debate I finally put the question to a vote among the registered electors in the Smith household. That would be, me, myself and I. The question: should I attend Tuesday night's meeting where the 40 something or so applicants for the vacant spot on the Santa Barbara City Council will be interviewed?

After all the votes were counted it was determined that the I's had it. As in "I ain't attendin'."

At this stage of my life I don't do marathons. I don't run any and I sure don't sit thorough any. And with the 40 plus applicants being given four minutes each to make their pitches, before there are any questions asked, it figures to be a long night. And don't ask me how long because at this stage of my life I not only don't do marathons, I don't do math either.

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Perhaps a better comparison of the interview process is to a figure skating competition rather than a marathon. There's bound to be some very good performances along with some that figure to be pretty abysmal. Of course there won't be that immediate feedback in the form of scores from the judges after each applicant completes their performance. I guess they'd have to install a "kiss and cry" area in the council chambers if they were going to do that.

And too bad they can't go to an "American Idol" format with each Council member offering a candid critique after each applicant's presentation. Not sure who would be the Simon Cowell in this bunch (probably Dale Francisco or Frank Hotchkiss) but I sure know who the Paula Abdul would be. Michael Self.

You'd have to pay me to sit through this one and since no one's paying me, I'll leave it to the professional journalists to suffer through the proceedings and digest them for you. Yes, until the entertainment level (or the pay) gets stepped up, I'm going to sit this one out.
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