Monday, November 01, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities?

Starshine Roshell's latest column about the Texas Boy Scout leader who was kicked out of the organization for being gay appears on the websites of both the Independent and the Ventura County Star.

I know it's only anecdotal evidence but, in case there was any doubt in your mind that, generally speaking, people in Santa Barbara are more liberal, more accepting and more tolerant than people in Ventura, just compare the comments left at the respective websites.

The few comments left on the Star's website as of Sunday night side with the Scouts. There were three times as many comments left on the Indy's website and the vast majority condemned the Scouts for their anti-gay stance.

* * *

Michael Young, third baseman for the American League Champion Texas Rangers, played his college ball at UCSB. He is no relation to the UCSB Vice Chancellor of the same name. Last chance to catch Young in action this year might be tonight. The San Francisco Giants have a 3-1 lead in the World Series.

And speaking of Bay Area professional sports teams, break up the Raiders!

* * *

Since moving from the Mesa at the end of last year, this was the first Halloween I spent at my home which is located three blocks west of State Street in downtown Santa Barbara. I checked with my next door neighbor who told me I would be well-advised to have some candy on hand.

Despite having a well-lit driveway and front porch I didn't get one trick-or-treater!

Anyone want some Kit Kat bars and Skittles?
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