Monday, August 30, 2010

In Dogged Pursuit of the Real News

I know that it's been slow on the news front for the last couple of days here in Santa Barbara.

But come on! There must be something better to put in the middle of the front page of Sunday's Santa Barbara News-Press than this story?

And to top it off, the winning pooch isn't even from around here! The dog and her owner flew in from Pennsylvania to participate in the show.

That makes Fi-Fi not only a carpet soiler, but a carpetbagger to boot.

True, if there's really nothing to report on, the News-Press doesn't enjoy the luxury of taking the day off like I do. But honestly, I'd rather read about Paris Hilton going to Vegas on vacation and coming back on probation than to hear about a toy poodle kicking a flat coated retriever and the rest of the pack in the rear hind-quarters.

Besides, everyone knows that it's not the canines who clean up at dog shows. It's the janitors.

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