Wednesday, February 03, 2010

She's The Boss!

Before coffee, and wondering, where is Pat McKinley when you need him?

She's the new DA and she didn't even show up to the meeting where she got the job! Santa Barbara County residents woke up this morning to find they have a new District Attorney, Ann Bramsen, who had heretofore been the Chief Assistant District Attorney in charge of the north county office. Bramsen finds herself in charge of the office countywide, by virtue of her being the highest ranking attorney in the office who didn't have "interim" or "acting" as the first word in her job title.

Despite what KEYT news is reporting, Bramsen wasn't "appointed" but rather became the new DA by default when the Board of Supervisors decided that rather than give the job to either Josh Lynn or Joyce Dudley, who are running against each other for the office, they would wait until after the June election to take action. Bramsen will likely serve until then. At that time it is expected that the Board will appoint the winner of the election to serve out former DA Christie Stanley's remaining term which expires at the end of 2010. Coverage in The Daily Sound and Noozhawk.

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Showing him more love than he ever got from the News-Press, the Ventura County Star has a lengthy and moving profile of Santa Barbara Film Fest director Roger Durling.

And the Hollywood Reporter has a big article on the Film Fest.

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Libertarian and political observer Randy Alcorn appears to have moved his column from The Daily Sound to Noozhawk. This may be the biggest steal since the Dutch bought Manhattan from the Indians for $24 worth of beads and a bottle of Yoo Hoo soda.

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Chris Meagher of The Independent has travelled to Haiti where he is filing reports from. Wonder if he'll be changing his Twitter handle to "Voodoo Child?"

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Things to be thankful for today: That you're not the President of Toyota.
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