Monday, August 24, 2009

The Monday Mailbag

My posts last week about the Santa Barbara "Savior," the ubiquitous "tip jar" and Justin Tevis generated a lot of comments from readers over at Edhat. I thought I'd publish some of them, along with my responses.

On the subject of my post about Travis Armstrong of the News-Press anointing Randall Van Wolfswinkel as Santa Barbara's next savior, "MissionLover" asks,

Ok, do these folks attacking Mr. Van Wolfswinkel criticize the public employee unions for spending tens of thousands of dollars on local campaigns?

No. And try asking a tougher question next time.

Sirrahh2 asks,

Wasn't it a van Wolfswinkel that sold Springfield on the monorail?

I never realized that people so heavily into The Simpson's were part of my readers' demographic.

In response to my posting on Wednesday of a YouTube video of city council candidate Justin Tevis going off at a health care reform rally in front of Lois Capps office "SallyC" had this to say:

Yeah saw that video on Santa Barbara's Blog on Tuesday.

Too bad no one else did.

Regarding my post on "tip jars," "Allegro805" (via Edhat) writes,

Hmmmmm, Craig. Trash receptacle in dining area as litmus test? One feels you're being a little cheeeeeeeeeeeap.

If there was a question in your mind as to whether or not I'm "cheeeeeeeeeeeap," you haven't been reading my blog for very long.

"Justsayin'" had this to say,

Tipping extra for lower paid staff? Then News-Press reporters should carry a tip jar when they go out to cover meetings.

Didn't the City just pass a law about that?

"Snowball346" had this to say:

I'm glad this article explains why Craig never tipped me when he and his daughter came to my snack shop even though I was charming and talked about how much I love his blog. :)

I see you found out that, in my case, flattery gets you nowhere.

Finally, KBSutherlin writes,

.... there are probably more than a few of us who can remember the days when it was "customary" to receive a smile and courteous service without the worry of how much to place in a tip jar ....

Amen to that Sister!
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