Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"I Went To A Hockey Game and a Town Hall Meeting Broke Out."

I am going to start this post with three words which you will never hear come out of the mouth of Wendy McCaw; "I was wrong."

The other day I suggested that the News-Press was guilty of hyperbole when it characterized last Thursday's demonstration in front of Congressional Representative Lois Capps' office as a "spectacle."

I didn't realize that city council candidate Justin Tevis was there.

If the guy yells any louder he's going to need a license from the FCC to broadcast. Powered by those lungs, he's reaching more listeners than News-Press radio.

On the positive side, electing him would allow the City to cut costs. They wouldn't have to buy a microphone to place in front of him at council meetings.

Yes, I was wrong. There was at least one person in attendance at this rally who was making a "spectacle" of himself.

Well, at least no one showed up packing a heater and no blows were exchanged.

Hopefully, universal health care will eventually pass. When it does let's hope Tevis uses his benefits to buy a "chill pill."
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