Thursday, August 13, 2009

Falcone Out of Mayor's Race

In what may be the shocker of the century (after all, we are less than 10 years into the century) Iya Falcone appears to be out of the race for Santa Barbara Mayor.

A two-term member of the city council Falcone appears not to have gathered the necessary 100 signatures needed to put her name on the November ballot.

Records from the city clerk's office indicate that her nomination papers were taken out on July 14th of this year and filed on August 10th at 12:45 pm. The record indicates that the city clerk has put her down as not having qualified for the ballot.

As was previously widely reported candidate Justin Michael (aka JMike!) did not qualify as well. The other candidates in the mayor's race, Steve Cushman, Isaac Garrett, Bob Hansen, Helene Schneider and Dale Francisco, all qualified for the ballot.

So how about that, Bob Hansen qualifies for the ballot and Iya Falcone doesn't? Go figure.

My guess is if there is any recourse by way of appeals or requests for recounts, Falcone will be asking for them.
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