Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Copy Desk Could Use A First Mate

News-Press owner Wendy McCaw and boyfriend Arthur von Wiesenberger, are reportedly on a three-week cruise in the Mediterranean aboard her private yacht, the Calixe.

According to one knowledgeable sailor, it cost something like $3,000 an hour to operate the 193 foot boat. Sounds like it's fully-staffed which is in stark contrast to the skeleton crew she's keeping on deck back at the News-Press.

How else would you explain a gaffe like the one that appeared on the front page of last Sunday's edition?

Shouldn't that be Whole Foods?

If she only would spend on the newsroom what she spends on the poop deck.

* * *

Calbuzz, the blog devoted to California politics run by former News-Press editor Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine, the former political editor of the San Jose Mercury News, has recently gotten a facelift.

I like the new look which is more newspaper like (if that's possible in a blog.) But don't you think that Palm Pilot depicted in the banner across the top of the page is a little 1990's like?

* * *

Contrary to what I reported a few weeks ago, the News-Press is still using the New York Times News Service.

* * *

The organizers of the annual "Black and Blue" ball who cancelled this year's event citing, "the economy," perhaps should think again.

Last week the Michael Towbes' 80th birthday party, a benefit for the Granada, and the Santa Barbara Film Fest's 25th Anniversary Bash, a benefit for the Fest's community based activities, both drew large crowds to Fess Parker's Doubletree, the customary venue for the Black and Blue Ball. And by the way, tickets for the Towbes event were $300 a pop. And they still got 700 people to show up.

* * *

And finally, I'm sure you'll all be happy to know, my missing carry-on bag was finally delivered to my home about 5 pm Tuesday.
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