Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tentative Ruling Favors Roberts Over McCaw

The hearing on whether Wendy McCaw's Ampersand Publications can get the arbitrator in its dispute with former editor Jerry Roberts removed from the case and the arbitration dismissed, will take place tomorrow morning.

Judge James Brown, who will hear the matter, has already posted his tentative ruling.

He has indicated that he will deny Ampersand’s motion for dismissal of
arbitration and grant Roberts’ motion to have Ampersand complete the arbitration.

He is also ordering Ampersand to pay the American Arbitration Association the requested deposit of $48,600 to cover the arbitrator’s fees and costs and to pay Roberts $12,153.63 as attorney fees and costs incurred in compelling arbitration.

Judge's rarely reverse themselves on their tentative rulings. The whole thing should become finalized 9:30 am Wednesday.
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