Thursday, February 12, 2009

Former News-Presser Sets The Record Straight

Kathy Pauls, who until two weeks ago had been the Newsroom Executive Assistant at the Santa Barbara News-Press (I had identified her as "Scott Steepleton's secretary") wrote in to set me straight regarding the details about her departure from the paper.

I had an excellent relationship with the newsroom people and Scott and I miss working with them. My main job was proofing the editorial column and the entertainment magazine. It made my eyes very tired, but I'm excellent at it. I would never allow a preposition to dangle. It is what it is; I have no hard feelings toward them.

After pointing out that she was not terminated but rather, her position was eliminated, she writes:

I supported all (of the) newsroom staff and didn't do many specific errands for Scott. My job description should have stated "herding cats." With a couple of exceptions, the people at the News-Press are a great bunch of people.

Hmm. I wonder who those "couple of exceptions" are?

You might recall I reported that on her last day on the job she was was actually on her way to catch the bus home and was called back only to be told that she was being terminated. Which caused me to wonder out loud whether she got bus fare from the paper.

I did not get bus fare. I do have a car, but am extremely aware of the environment and try not to drive much. You did get the part correct about (Yolanda) Apodaca calling me back as I was running for the bus, however. I didn't even have time to collect my personal belongings because I couldn't miss the bus.

Just as I suspected, the only one who has missed the bus at the News-Press is Wendy McCaw.
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