Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now, Why Do They Call Them "Trailers?"

Kristen Scott Thomas arriving at the Lobero with her good friend and co-star Ralph Fiennes (who presented her with the "Cinema Vanguard Award.")

Photo Credit Chuck Cagara

Teaching duties kept me off the red carpet at the Lobero for Tuesday night's tribute to Kristen Scott Thomas.

My thanks to Chuck Cagara for the great photo above.

* * *

The way I figure it, every movie that plays at this year's Santa Barbara International Film Festival has a hard act to follow: the trailer that precedes it.

If you've ever attended a SB Film Fest movie or tribute you know that each event starts with a movie trailer that serves as sort of a splash page for the festival.

In past years, some of the trailers have been on the abstract side. This year, the trailer features real people as the focus.

There appear to be about three different versions of the trailer, each one with local film aficionados talking about why they love movies. In some cases they even act out their favorite scenes from films.

There's mayor Marty Blum talking about her crush on Clark Gable. A young guy doing a Tarzan yell (or maybe it's "George of the Jungle"). Another guy singing a few notes from the Sound of Music.

The faces are fascinating and all of the trailers are very entertaining.

No truth to the rumor that considered, but dropped, as subjects for the trailers; Wendy Mc Caw talking about House of Horrors, Arthur von Wiesenberger portraying The Waterboy or Travis Armstrong driving the Wrong Way.

And in case you didn't notice the credit at the end of the trailer, the background music, which bears the influences of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli among others, is performed by the local group Les Gendarmes du Swing.

* * *

My Film Fest Picks for Wednesday:

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
(8:15 am Metro 4)

Our Disappeared
(10 am SB Museum of Art)

Shorts Program 3
(12:30 pm Victoria Hall) Can't go wrong here. If there's a short you don't like, another one will come along in a few minutes.

Suspect X
(4:15 pm Metro 4) Don't worry, the "X" isn't a reference to the MPAA rating for this film.

Nobody To Watch Over Me
. (7:30 pm Metro 4) Recommended by Roger Durling

K-20: Legend of the Mask
(9:30 pm Metro 4)

Virtuosos 2009 Awards
(8 pm Lobero) honoring Viola Davis, Rosemarie DeWitt, Richard Jenkins, Melissa Leo and Michael Shannon.

A complete list of Film Fest screenings and events is
posted here