Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"London Britches" Won't Fall Down

Richard Mineards, who was abruptly dropped a few weeks ago as the gossip columnist at the Santa Barbara News-Press has landed on his feet.

Starting February 5, his column will start appearing in the Montecito Journal.

The addition of Mineards to the MJ should be a good fit in light of the target audience of the wealthy enclave.

Mineards was recently seen working the red carpet at the Santa Barbara Film Fest's tribute to Kate Winslet at the Arlington and chatting with Kate at the post-tribute party.

Mineards told at least one of his press corps colleagues on the red carpet that the News-Press had offered him an opportunity to stay on as a contract employee (he had been a member of the newsroom bargaining unit) but he felt that their expectations were unrealistic and ultimately they could not come to terms.

It sounds like another instance of News-Press owner Wendy McCaw's champagne wishes and caviar dreams leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of all concerned.