Monday, August 25, 2008

As Autumn Approaches, Fall Leaves

They haven't put out a "textcaster alert" on it, but longtime sportscaster Gerry Fall appears to be out at KEYT. He has not been on the air since August 1, and KEYT has basically eliminated the 6 and 11 p.m. sports segments during the week, with the recent exception of an Olympics recap.

He's still featured in promos for the station and his bio is still on the KEYT website.

* * *

Considering the fact that Wendy McCaw's News-Press is best described as a crippled ship trying to navigate the treacherous and stormy seas that are the newspaper industry as of late, it's astonishing that she regularly makes members of her crew walk the plank these days.

The latest example is copy editor Dennis Moran, who had been pretty much holding together the sports section, a department that has the ultimate skeleton crew.

Moran has been "suspended" by the paper for unknown reasons.

And perhaps coincidentally, or not, Moran is lead representative for union employees in the newsroom.

So if you're keeping score at home, the News-Press sports department is now down to two people.

Blake Dorfman, who is returning from Beijing after covering the local angles at the Olympics on his own dime, won't be returning to the paper. I understand that he gave notice while over there.

High school teams will start competing in a week or so. Will the News-Press "be ready for some football?" I doubt it.

You know, if Gerry Fall wants to stay in town and cover sports, there's always the News-Press, right?

Never mind. Forget I said that.