Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Not News If They Can't Use It On Somebody

It was covered in the Daily Sound Noozhawk and Edhat earlier this week but as I write this, not a word about it has been found in Wendy McCaw's News-Press.

It was the release of an annual report showing a drop last year in serious crime in the City of Santa Barbara.

Articles about the demise of a dog and the success of local singer Crosby Loggins occupied the front page of the News-Press Tuesday but news about the dip in the crime rate failed to make it into the paper.

Why no mention? Who knows? Perhaps, it doesn't quite fit in with that recurring editorial and op-ed page theme of a "city burning with gang violence" that the News-Press likes to flog and chastise elected city officials about.

As one reader wrote in to point out, oftentimes at the News-Press it's not a story unless they can use it as a weapon against someone.

* * *

With the endless succession of presidential primary elections finally approaching an end, have you ever wondered who your friends and neighbors are giving money to?

Political contributions of $200 or more to presidential candidates are public records and the Internet has several data bases that allow you to look up who has made donations to the candidates.

Here are some names of Santa Barbara locals you might recognize followed by who they gave to. (All were found using

  • News-Press attorney Barry Cappello; Bill Richardson

  • Actor John Cleese; Barack Obama

  • Actor Christopher Lloyd; Hillary Clinton.

  • Composer Barry Devorzon and wife Jelinda; Obama

  • Former 2nd District Supervisor Susan Rose; Clinton

  • Film Fest president Jeff Barbakow; Clinton and Mitt Romney (Margo his wife has given to both Clinton and Obama.)

    And just in case you are wondering, News-Press owner Wendy McCaw hasn't contributed to any of the current presidential candidates. According to the website the last time she gave money to a presidential candidate was in 1987 to Bob Dole.

    * * *

    Leslie Westbrook reported in her Daily Sound column yesterday that Tommy the Clown, who she describes "as a former drug dealer, gang member, and prisoner who is now a world famous clown dancer" will be in Santa Barbara next Tuesday to help at-risk youth and "spread the joy."

    I hope he's cleared the visit with his parole officer.

    * * *

    He can still be seen here occasionally appearing in TV ads for an eye doctor with his wife Barbara but former KTYD morning show DJ Matt McAllister, announced on his Phoenix radio show yesterday that he is getting divorced.

    Wonder if that Keith Urban song You'll Think of Me will now find it's way into the heavy rotation on the country and western station where Matt is now working the morning shift?

    Take your records, take your freedom, take your memories I don’t need ‘em ...