Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sold Out!

McCaw is a draw! As of noontime Tuesday, the world premiere showing of Citizen McCaw at the Arlington Theater this coming Friday night had sold out.

That means that more people will be showing up to see "Citizen McCaw" at the 2200 seat Arlington than will be showing up for the Grand Opening Gala the night before at the 1550 seat Granada Theater.

So much for people being "tired" of the News-Press mess.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at De la Guerra Plaza, how are those negotiations between the News-Press and the Teamsters Union going?

Since last November the union and the paper have had eight and a half days of bargaining. They will not meet again until April 3rd and 4th.

"Management has not made any effort to engage in meaningful dialogue about the critical issues," according to a memo from the union's negotiator to the newsroom employees. "All of Management's proposals are directed at maintaining absolute and total control over every aspect of the operation including any disagreements related to the negotiated contract."

That last sentence is a reference to a proposal for a grievance procedure for employees. The two sides are at an impasse on that item as the News-Press is insisting that the final arbiters of any grievance shall be, Wendy and Arthur.

So concerned over the lack of progress the union brought in a federal mediator to the most recent negotiations which took place the last week of February. The News-Press refused to meet with him in a bargaining session with the union, stating that they believed involving a mediator was premature.

Sounds like the negotiations figure to be excruciatingly slow.