Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Co-Publisher Departs Daily Paper!

Now that I have your attention let me quickly point out that the co-publisher who has departed is probably not the one you had in mind or (dare I say) was wishing for.

No I'm not talking about the Santa Barbara News-Press but rather the upstart Santa Barbara Daily Sound where co-publisher Charles Swegles has left the paper.

The long-time Santa Barbara resident had been with the paper since its inception in the spring of 2006 contributing his business expertise to the endeavor founded and started by newcomer to town Jeramy Gordon who serves as editor and publisher of the paper. Originally Gordon had taken most of the responsibility for running the editorial side of the paper and Swegles was primarily responsible for the business side.

As time went on the paper has grown and John Leonard, who now holds the title of General Manager, has gradually assumed many of the duties that had been handled by Swegles.

According to Gordon, "Charles' expertise is in start-up companies and now that the Daily Sound is a viable, profitable business, he has left to work on some other projects."

By all accounts, the parting of ways has been an amicable one.

And of course I should remind you that I write a weekly column for the Daily Sound that appears on Wednesdays.

* * *

The News-Press is on record as opposing the five-cent tax that Chicago officials have imposed on the sale of each bottle of water in that city.

Why the concern with how Chicago's elected officials may have chosen to nickel and dime their residents? The News-Press editorial doesn't disclose it but of course News-Press co-publisher Arthur von Wiesenberger fancies himself as a "bottled water" expert.

Maybe he's afraid that the five cent tax will have a depressing effect on the bottled water after-market.

* * *

Eric Lindberg's article in Monday's edition of the Daily Sound about the night he spent aboard the USS Ronald Reagan had a reference to "burly, camo-swathed men (who) patrol the deck with automatic weapons gleaming menacingly in the sun."

Is he sure he wasn't aboard Wendy's yacht?

* * *

As of Monday, News-Press associate editor Scott Steepleton had yet to make an appearance in the newsroom this year. He has reportedly phoned in sick for over a week now.

Perhaps it was that scathing review of his testimony from labor law judge William Kocol that made him ill.

* * *

There's a post over at suggesting there's a resemblance between noted movie critic Leonard Maltin and yours truly.

Give me a break! Talk about your fairy tales!

Well, at least they didn't try to claim that I looked like Mr. London Britches himself, Richard Mineards.

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