Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Awards Preview Post

The News-Press Lifetime Achievement Awards will be held on Saturday evening at the Bacara resort, and no, I won't be there.

Sure, I would personally like to see fellow attorney Joe Howell and the other honorees get the recognition they deserve however, when the 6 pm pre-dinner cocktail hour starts I will be exactly where Wendy McCaw wants me to be, 3000 miles away.

And no, she didn't give me an all expenses paid vacation out of town. I've had long-standing plans to be on the east coast this weekend.

Just the same I will be wondering:

Will the security guards outnumber the guests?

Will the new matching Bentleys be parked out front?

What high-priced celebrity entertainment will Wendy bring in?

How much will be left for the charitable causes after the high-priced entertainment's appearance fee is paid?

Safe bets:

Former publisher Steve Ainsley, who will be one of the presenters, won't make an offer to buy the paper.

Sara Miller McCune, one of last year's honorees, who did, won't be there.

After mentioning in her acceptance speech last year her interest in purchasing the paper she, as far as I can determine, became the first honoree ever to be subpoenaed by the News-Press. She's on the "invite list" to be deposed in the paper's arbitration case against former editor Jerry Roberts.

That's not exactly an exclusive club these days.

According to McCune's lawyer, Stewart Holden, "Unfortunately, Sara cannot attend due to a prior commitment. She is sending flowers to the honorees with congratulations."

Nothing spoils an evening out like a visit from the process server.

I have a plane to catch.

Pip! Pip! for now!

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