Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday In New York

Today I'm here in New York City having arrived yesterday from New Haven, Connecticut where I was visiting The Ivy Leaguer, otherwise known as my 18 year old son.

The hotel here (The Paramount) is a half block off Times Square. It has two very cool bars which is a good thing because after you see your room all you're going to want to do is drink. I'm sure Paris Hilton's jail cell was larger than this.

And did I mention that the room is $300 a night? And no, they don't make up for it with beautifully appointed quarters. I've seen screens on laptop computers that were larger than the one on the TV in the room.

It's not all bad though. The good news is that there's wireless Internet in the rooms. The bad news is that you have to pay $15 a day to use it.

Wendy McCaw may not have had Journalism 101 but I had Econ for dummies and I'd rather not contribute to the demand that leads the Robber Barons of the world to think there's a buck to be made supplying something so cheap at an exorbitant price. Instead I came over here to the Starbucks on 45th Street to write today's post.

Would you believe NYC is warmer than Santa Barbara? It's in the 80's and muggy here. Still lot's to see today so I'll be brief.

My friend author Annie Bardach wrote to tell me that former News-Press executive editor Jerry Roberts will be receiving The PEN Society's First Amendment award on November 6th at a dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Congratulations Jerry!

And just in case you're wondering how many awards Wendy McCaw has won since the meltdown at the paper I have it on very good authority that the California Trial Lawyer's Association is going to soon honor her with their "Cash Cow of the Year" award.

No post tomorrow, flying back home. See you Wednesday.

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