Thursday, October 04, 2007

Best Caption? You Pick It

Elaine Needham's sketch of News-Press owner Wendy McCaw testifying at the NLRB hearing, which appeared last week in the Santa Barbara Daily Sound, struck me as looking more like a cartoon out of The New Yorker than a true courtroom artist's sketch.

So much so that it inspired me to steal an idea from the back page of The New Yorker. Last week I invited readers to submit captions for the cartoon. Below are my favorites. Now I invite you to vote for the best one. I'll announce the results sometime next week.

1. "Manny, Mo and Jack argue the finer points of hair gel while Old Mother Hubbard gives testimony and Judge Conehead feigns interest."

2. "Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. And and few thousand others!"

3. ". . . capital M, lower case c, capital C, lower case a, lower case w ...."

4. "Did she just say 'anti-coyote'?"

5. "An objection from Barry Cappello as NLRB attorneys mistakenly refer to Wendy McCaw as 'Eleanor Rigby'"

6. "Mrs. McCaw, do you swear to tell the half-truth, the twisted truth, and nothing that resembles truth, so help you Prozac?"

Vote by the number please. My thanks to the Daily Sound and Needham for permission to post the cartoon.

BTW. Needham also draws the political cartoons for the Daily Sound's opinion page.

* * *

Former News-Press business reporter Maria Zate is taking a job with Cottage Health Care System, not Cottage Care System, as I reported yesterday.

* * *

There will be no post tomorrow, Friday. I'll be traveling on a red-eye flight tonight to visit my son in Connecticut. If all goes well I'll check in on Monday with a post from New York City.