Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Will Wendy Fiddle While Santa Barbara Burns?

Blogging once again today from Vancouver, Canada where the temperature was in the low 70's and it was overcast and drizzly the entire day. Quite a contrast to the weather back home.

Although this town has several good newspapers, including a free daily, The Globe, which has a distribution model similar to the Santa Barbara Daily Sound, there has been absolutely no news in the local media up here about the fire back home.

However, a couple of you have either sent or forwarded e-mails describing the situation down there and, I must say, it doesn't sound good.

I'm also told there's been very little updated information about the fire coming from either the News-Press or its radio station AM 1290.

That's ironic considering the original concept behind gaining control of the programming on the radio station was to leverage the news gathering capability of the News-Press. For example, a reporter at the scene of a breaking story, say a fire, could phone into the radio station and provide a live report. With 15 or so reporters no other news gathering operation in the County would have the potential to so thoroughly cover breaking news on the south coast. AM 1290 would be in a prime position to dominate the ratings when there was breaking news, or a disaster.

Of course with a skeleton crew and a helter skelter newsroom, that hasn't come to pass. I'm told McCaw didn't like the idea of her reporters on the radio in any event, so it may be fairly assumed that the way things are suit Wendy just fine.

Besides, I'm sure she's too busy preparing for next week's NLRB hearing to be worried about anybody's fire.

* * *

The News-Press' newest reporter, the house hunting Tom Risen, is the son of James Risen, who was formerly with the L.A. Times and is now with the New York Times where he who won a Pulitzer Prize for his reports on domestic eavesdropping by the Bush Administration.

* * *

My blogging from afar has gone pretty well up until now but that may all change. Today the Smith family circus leaves the big city and heads over to Vancouver Island for two days. Not sure what the logistics of blogging will be over there so if there are no updates for the next couple of days, you'll know why.

* * *

According to a friend of mine who's an avid golfer, the sexiest thing a woman can say to a man is; "Let's play 36 today!"

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