Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's A Holiday But Where Do They Celebrate?

Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia where, as I write this (Monday) it's a provincial holiday, B.C. Day. I can't tell you what the historical significance is but I can tell you about the immediate impact that goes with it. No happy hour. The hotel bar is closed for B.C. Day.

These Canucks really know how to celebrate.

* * *

For some inexplicable reason, it seems that nearly everyone who has been subpoenaed by the News-Press to appear at the NLRB hearings which start one week from today feels obligated to check in with me. Latest to confirm that he's had process laid on him is former reporter Vladimir Kogan.

Kogan was at one time the poster boy for the young replacement writers who were hired to back-fill the slots of the journalists who departed. He moved here from San Diego thinking that it would be a good experience and that he could overcome any potential obstacles. For a long time he took a beating in the blogs but ultimately gained a lot of respect when he quit the paper on principle. He moved to San Diego but will be returning here for a command performance on August 14th.

One of my readers, Paul Yarbrough, who used to work at the News-Press, has suggested that someone ought to print bumper-stickers reading; "Have you been subbed by Wendy yet?"

* * *

The current issue of Coastal Woman Magazine has an interview with Blogabarbara's "Sara De la Guerra." So does Sara come out and reveal her true identity? No way. But it's still an interesting interview. Needless to say, but no photos accompany the story.

Also in that same issue; KEYT's John Palminteri who will be one of the eligible bachelors auctioned off at the magazine's second annual Bachelor Auction on August 24th. The event will benefit Women's Economic Ventures.

And although he's not being auctioned off, also not to be missed in that same issue is Billy Goodnick, who's featured in an article about his community access TV show "Garden Wise Guys." When he's not wising off in the garden or holding down his day job at city Parks and Recreation, Billy is the drummer in the popular local group "King Bee."

* * *

A few days before leaving town I picked up and threw in my bag what I assume to be is the premiere issue of Carpinteria Magazine. Didn't have a chance to open it up and peruse it until I got up here to Vancouver. Now that I've had a chance to take a look at it I must say, it's very nicely done. Nice photography and articles in the same style as Santa Barbara Magazine. There's no risk to checking it out as it's free. I picked up my copy in front of the Montecito Starbucks.

Now that Carpinteria has it's own glossy namesake magazine can "Noleta" be far behind?

Today's last word comes from Tom Risen, who had this to say in an ad he placed on craigslist.com seeking housing; "Hi, my name is Tom Risen. I'm moving out to Santa Barbara to write for the Santa Barbara News Press. Yes, I know about all the drama at the newspaper there, but the trouble is clearing up and my new job as a business reporter will be free of such drama. I have just got my Master's in Journalism from Northwestern and I am moving from Washington DC to Santa Barbara on Thursday."

These college kids seem to think that they know everything. Do you think we ought to put him in touch with Vlad Kogan?

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