Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why I'll Never Order A Burrito In Boston.

Came across this on BostonHerald.com in an article entitled "Fabulous Finds In Santa Barbara."

El Paseo Mexican restaurant: El Paseo, a historic Spanish courtyard built in the 1920s, is billed as California's first shopping center. Here you'll find what we consider the best Mexican food in Santa Barbara.

Those New Englanders sure know their Mexican food!

Got a taste for Mexican food late Saturday afternoon so we headed over to La Super Rica Taqueria on Milpas. There's usually a line there but this time is was ridiculously long so we settled for Chinese instead. Of course, you'd never have that problem at El Paseo. But then again, maybe it will be packed with people from Boston for Fiesta.

They do make a good Margarita though.

* * *

Speaking of Fiesta and Mexican food, on the Sunday before Fiesta, for the first time in more than 20 years, the News-Press did not have a special section in the paper about the celebration.

Maybe they were devoting all of their staff and resources to covering the Zaca fire? No, that can't be it. Those were wire stories about the fire on the front page on Sunday and Monday. Or maybe they couldn't sell enough ads to justify a special section.

* * *

Si Jenkins, the long-time owner of Jedlicka's western wear store has done a number of testimonials extolling the benefits of advertising in the News-Press. This past Sunday he was in a different ad that appeared in the paper promoting the controversial Fiesta Rodeo. Wonder how that will sit with animal rights advocate and News-Press owner Wendy McCaw?

* * *

According to a well placed source, most calls received at the News-Press lately are to cancel subscriptions or place vacation holds on delivery.

* * *

Today's last word comes from Dr. Laura, who was at the Pentagon yesterday to receive the Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service. According to Military News during her acceptance speech she mentioned that she has spoken with managers at the News-Press about hiring former service members. "These are smart people, mature people, focused people, disciplined people who should be hired as reporters," Schlessinger said. "So if anybody's interested in coming to Santa Barbara, Calif., ... there's a job waiting for you."

Haven't those former service members sacrificed enough?

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