Friday, March 08, 2013

The Worm In North Korea?

By Taryn

I watch a lot of TV, so needless to say I hear a lot of crazy news stories on a daily basis. And I don't even watch FOX News. As I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 on a recent Monday night, something crazy caught my eye. Dennis Rodman, the former NBA basketball player, was in North Korea.

Now in an obscure way, this actually sort of makes sense to me (I'm onto you Kim Jung-un). Of course the North Korean government wouldn't let any diplomats in. Diplomats are smart, educated people. The North Korean government wants some positive PR. Who better to influence the American public than a former basketball player? Dennis Rodman (or The Worm as he is sometimes affectionately referred to) is one who seems to have a very low, rudimentary understanding of human rights.

Rodman was reported to have spent time with North Korean President Kim Jung-un while dining on a ten-course meal, ice-skating, visiting an aquarium, and of course playing basketball. At least to me it sounds like Rodman has the intellectual complexity of a child. It is like when your big brother or sister promises to buy you ice cream and a toy in exchange for not telling mom and dad that you came home drunk and passed out while they were gone.

Rodman described the North Korean leader as "humble". I really don't know what Rodman's definition of the word "humble" is, but it certainly doesn't match mine. He also suggested that because President Obama and Kim Jung-un both share a love for basketball that should be reason enough to start a conversation and play nice with each other. Now, that is a lovely strategy for solving childhood playground squabbles, but I don't think that will work to solve problems between two incredibly opposite leaders.

Dennis, if you happen to read this, I am begging you please do everyone a favor and stick to playing basketball and signing autographs. No offense, but I really don't believe that you are qualified to have these diplomatic conversations or accept bribes to say nice things about the North Korean government. Before you say one more word in favor of the North Korean government, try to take a walk in the shoes of a North Korean prisoner, and then you can talk. Try it. I dare you.