Thursday, February 28, 2013

She Presented an Oscar. Get Over It

By Taryn

So what's all the fuss about Michelle Obama presenting the award for Best Picture at the Oscars? I thought that her announcing the Oscar winner was pretty cool. I mean if I were getting an Oscar I would sure love it if Michelle Obama presented it to me. I am also sure that The First Lady scored a few "Cool Mom Points," for presenting from Malia and Sasha, her daughters. How many other kids can say that their mom has presented at the Academy Awards?

This whole uproar is reported in the New York Times. It was not so much that the article was making a fuss over the First Lady's Oscar presentation. It was the comments. Some were critical, others were mean, and a few were downright nasty. A common theme that I noticed among the comments was that Mrs. Obama is acting more as a public figure than a proper First Lady. Well, to all of those NY Times commenters, (who apparently have nothing better to do than complain about something that is done and over with), being a First Lady means promoting a cause and helping others. Whether or not First Ladies like it, they are probably going to end up as some sort of pop culture icon for a years to come. Especially when they have the fashion sense that Mrs. Obama does.

If this were back in the 1960's when First Lady's were more of just a proper pretty face, I might have understand such a controversy. This isn't the 1960's. Michelle Obama is more than just a pretty face. She is an activist and a public figure. I don't see a problem with that. However, I guess that some other people do. It's not like she was handing out an MTV Video Music Award. The Oscars are a very prestigious and classy event. The Oscar for Best Picture is the night's biggest honor. It is appropriate to have selected someone very classy like Michelle Obama to have presented it.

To all of those other people who think that there is something wrong with the First Lady presenting an Oscar, get over it. It's over and done with. I'm pretty sure that Michelle Obama didn't present an Oscar to try and portray herself as an A-list celebrity. So calm yourselves. We've got bigger problems to deal with. We've got a sequester heading toward us. Now that is something to be upset about. So let's all put on our big people shoes, and try to tackle the real problems. Problems such as the economy and why the heck Ben Affleck wasn't nominated for Best Director. You know, the real issues.