Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joe Biden is a Total Studmuffin

He’s a hottie. Much to my dad’s anxiety when I told him that I had caught the Hot for Biden flu. My dad was pretty worried that I’d turn into some reverse political cougar. Who could blame me? Biden rocks. He’s the perfect blend of smart, handsome, and funny. I know that some people love to hate on Joey, but they’re just jealous that they ain’t got Joe’s swag. I think I might be in love. I’m sure my dad is going to have a total anxiety attack when he reads this.

Is it a problem that I’m lusting over a man that’s old enough to be my grandfather? I don’t think so. In a world where just the sight of a Beiber hair flip makes all the girls pass out, maybe my love for our VP is a good thing. That silver fox has got morals. He makes choices that try to benefit us all. He’s smart too. He may say some kooky stuff but that just makes him even cuter in my eyes. At least he’s not interrupting speeches or throwing down f-bombs like Kanye or Lil’ Wayne. Joey’s got class. Maybe this could be a good thing. This could turn into a generation of girls lusting over people of quality. Instead of rappers trying to pass of as real men.

It’s time for us girls to raise our standards and say yes to people of class and good morals! Even if those men may be a good 40 years older. For the record I’m not encouraging girls to go out and marry a senior citizen. It’s more of the idea of having partner with maturity. However I will always have a special place in my heart for Joey. Calm yourself dad, as much as our Biden Boy’s got smarts to go with the swag, he’s way out of my league. Some girls may have their rooms decorated with wall-to-wall Justin Beiber posters, but all I need is a Joe Biden life size cut out.

Stay Classy.