Friday, September 02, 2011

Kardashian for Obama: Anyone Want to Trade?

Now let me get this straight. Martha's Vineyard gets President Obama for his summer vacation and Montecito gets Kim Kardashian and her big August wedding? Can't we do a switch?

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against B list celebrities. Just as long as they don't venture north of Calabasas. After all, the South had its Mason-Dixon line; can't we have a No-Reality-Show-Vixen line? The Rincon would seem to be a likely place to draw it.

I was actually visiting Martha’s Vineyard the week before the President arrived. It was my daughter who scored the invite to spend a week there with one of her friends whose family was renting a house for the summer. It fell on me to fly back there to escort her back to California.

It was my first time visiting “The Vineyard” and I was impressed. It is certainly the quintessential New England setting with its Cape Cod style houses and lush green vegetation. And there was not a panhandler or vagrant to be found anywhere. Perhaps that’s attributable to the fact that the place is only reachable by boat or by air.

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