Friday, August 05, 2011

Prince Scores 4 Goals? Puleeze!

For my column this week I thought I would tackle what has been one of the great mysteries around here. No, I'm not referring to whether the Miramar project will ever get started or what part of Montecito Tipper Gore is living in. I want to talk about what people around here really want to know. Something that’s been nagging at many of us for the past two weeks. Did the opposing players go easy on Prince William in that polo game he played in when he was here recently? The guy scored four goals you know. I'll explain a little later why that's raising eyebrows among some skeptics.

I know what you must be thinking. What the heck does Craig Smith know about polo? The answer is, more than you might think. Many years ago when I first came to town, I went out with a woman a couple of times and was beginning to wonder whether or not I was going to invoke the three strikes law against her and move on. So, one evening over drinks, I subtly asked her whether or not I stood a chance of ever getting past first base. My baseball metaphor was responded to with some straight talk from an equestrienne. "Not unless you have a big fat wallet and a whole bunch of polo ponies for me to ride!"

Swell. All it takes is a jigger or two for her to be telling me I better know how to play a chukker or two.

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