Friday, July 22, 2011

Sky High Living

I imagine that a lot of Montecito residents have second homes, perhaps in the LA area, or maybe even Chicago or New York. But how about living in Montecito and having a second home in downtown Santa Barbara?

Sounds a bit decadent? And why would you ever want a second home so close to your primary home? Well, how about spectacular views and convenience to concerts, theatrical performances and some of the best restaurants in town?

I can't afford it, but the newly finished seventh floor residence at the Granada Building in the 1200 block on State Street is certainly inviting. Along with the eighth floor penthouse, it is one of two luxury condominiums that were recently built at the Granada when the building was retrofitted for earthquake compliance. The other floors of the building are offices and of course the remodeled Granada Theater is on the ground level.

I recently got a tour of the seventh floor residence, which is on the market, (Continue reading this column at the Montecito Messenger site.)
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