Friday, July 08, 2011

The Joint Was Jumping and the Music Was Something

There's not a whole lot about the 70's and the '80's that I miss. I don't long for the days of leisure suits, polyester pants or mutton chops. But there is one remnant of that era which I do lament the loss of. A place where one could go to listen to live music and still be able to carry on a conversation.

Yes, such places are few and far between now, but in their heyday three Montecito watering holes, Nipper's, The Chanticleer and the Olive Mill Bistro, formed what was known as "The Golden Triangle." These were places where you could enjoy a cocktail or two, dance and mingle with your friends, neighbors and even a celebrity or two.

Recently I sat down with bass player Hank Allen who along with pianist Wayne Kliman comprised the duo of "Hank & Wayne." For 20 years they performed nightly on the Montecito bar circuit. Hank and I reminisced about the days when Montecito was the center of nightlife for the sophisticates of Santa Barbara.

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